📍Wave Rock

📍Wave Rock
Funny story actually, when we first arrived at the site we parked at the Hippos Yawn then followed the signs around to the Wave Rock (3km return walk I think)
The path was pretty over grown and had branches laying over it which had us a little confused how a popular spot could be left in such a state… we continued to battle on because I was absolutely not letting anything stop me from seeing this rock...
The path started to open up and in front of us was what we thought the “Wave Rock” straight up I’m thinking “not again! Another Insta vs reality location!!”
Covered in flies trying my best not to consume a second lunch worth while they invaded every single hole on my face, I start taking photos trying to make the best of a shitty situation while Lachlan sends the drone up because surely this isn’t it…. And sure enough around the corner was the actual spot, we walk around and there’s people everywhere…. “How the hell did they all get here… we didn’t walk past anyone…”
turns out there’s a car park just a short walk from the rock and in all our excitement we stopped at the first one instead of driving further to the second park.
Last picture is what we thought was the wave rock 🤣🤣🤣
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