đź“ŤRottnest Island

đź“ŤRottnest Island
we visited Rottnest Island via the Rottnest Express and it absolutely blew us away, being our first time over we weren’t sure what spots we should visit first, what mode of transport we should use and how much time we would need.
Our main aim of the day was to suss some popular snorkel spots so we knew where to bring the girls when we returned again which will be soon because we jumped on the red rider deal Rottnest express is having for WA residents at the moment.
We decided to go with the bus pass because doing so much snorkeling then riding on a 30+ degree day seemed like a mission and would reduce our time even more on the island, the buses were reliable but absolutely packed due to the holidays.
If you aren’t going for snorkelling or water sports we 100% recommended holding off visiting until after holidays as the beaches were pretty much full.
There was a decent amount still in the water but you didn’t really notice them and we also tend to go out quite deep so hardly anyone was around.
These pics are of Little Salmon Bay and Little Armstrong Bay.
I’ve attached the link for the red rider pass below if you’re a WA resident and would like to check that out.
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