đź“ŤEagle View 4WD Track, SA

đź“ŤEagle View 4WD Track, SA
If you haven’t yet checked out eagle view 4wd track in Sanderston you need to asap! For $60 per vehicle, you get access to the entire property where You’ve got the option to either take the easy 4x4 track the entire way or split off onto more difficult tracks to challenge your rig but keep in mind a lift is definitely recommended to avoid any damages.
The views were insane, the weather on the other hand… also insane…. No idea what was going on there sunshine and rainbows one minute then bucketing down with gale-force winds the next, at least it made for some wicked photos and footage 🤣
10/10 for this place and the owner was lovely! He took the time to sit down and explain how to get around the park and where to avoid with the type of setup you have, due to our prado still being mainly stock we stuck to the main track but will be back in the future with a lift to have a crack at the more challenging tracks 🥰
If you yourself aren’t a keen four-wheel driver and are more in it for the views and a cruise this is the place for you! The kids had a blast spotting the abundance of wildlife getting around along with some friendly cows who came up to the window for a suss 🤣
If you’d like to book a visit message or phone Brenton on 0439275500
Include your name, the date you’d like to visit, the number of cars attending and approximate arrival time.
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Eagle View 4WD Track

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