📍Lancelin, WA

📍Lancelin, WA

When we first moved to Perth the main place everyone was saying we needed to visit was Lanceline Sand Dunes so one morning we chucked everyone in the car and headed over.

This was the beginning of fail after fail 🤣
First off we wanted to get to the dunes for sunrise, luckily I googled and discovered the dunes aren’t actually open until 8am… that idea went out the window so we left first thing in the morning instead.

We rolled up and it was windy! surprise I know…

Now if you’ve been on a windy sand dune before you know how absolutely terrible it is so we left and headed to the Pinnacles instead, hoping maybe on the way back we could try Lanceline again.
As we rolled up to the pinnacles I realised I’d forgotten one of each kids shoes so they couldn’t even get out the car… which wasn’t too bad because it was bloody hot anyways! we did a few laps then headed back to Lanceline and you guessed it…. Still windy 🤣 but the kids so badly wanted to sand board so we braved it and headed in, now for future sand boarding adventures we now know to actually slide you need to apply wax to the bottom of the boards 🤣 let’s just say, the kids were not impressed with us.
We did a few laps, not too sure what all the hype is about though I mean don’t get me wrong their beautiful but we’ve definitely seen better so I wouldn’t go driving hours and hours just to visit them if you get what I mean.
As we rushed over to the peak of the sand dunes for the sunset Lachlan got us bogged due to his heavy right foot so we almost missed the sunset just trying to get the Prado out again 🥲

Moral of the story! Even though things can go extremely wrong when travelling you absolutely can still make beautiful memories.

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